B259 Chat Room

Chat room for fun, entertainment & info-tainment, a place to chat to our many guests & talk about B259 & the World.
Peace & goodwill to all.

B259 Chat Room
A text chat room for all, a place to hang out online & discuss stuff.
I am looking at adding video chat here too, maybe other communications we could try !!
\o/ Woot Woot \o/

Chatango !!
Chatango seemed the best out of several chat tools, one can either go anon or sign up, I am sure in signed in mode there is a vid-cam option but I need to test for that.

Updated on Thursday the 12.01.2023
This site was updated with a chat room, having searched high & low I decided this would make a great tool for communications. I'm sure this will help give a voice to visitors of the B259 Websites, have fun & explore options.

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